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40 years of bathing

Years Since 1978, everything we do at AQUAdesign celebrates great bathing. From the beginning, all of our designs and innovations have been made with your bathing pleasure in mind. We optimized form and technology to find the essence of bathing by providing a carefully crafted assortment of materials, finishes, sizes, fixtures, and accessories.

AQUAdesign is a company like no other. We remain true to our values and our philosophy of creating customizable pieces made to your bathing needs and design tastes. The result is a perfectly curated bath that you can use every day and that provides your home with ultimate comfort and timeless beauty.

AQUAdesign is a true specialist in baths and continues to be a state-of-the-art manufacturer of individual and timeless pieces that help you feel good and look stylish.

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” – Sylvia Plath (American Poet 1932-1963)
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innovation What is the essence of a good bath? Bigger, more volume, more jets, more bubbles? Not necessarily; even the opposite can be true. The form and technology need to work together toward one goal: to create a sense of complete wellbeing.

At AQUAdesign, we are always looking for ways to improve your bath time. This striving results in a continuous process of finding solutions to improve all aspects of our baths, whether that’s new materials and technologies or reviewing the wishes and needs of our customers. How do you use the bath and when, how often, and are there new ways of bathing? We are always looking for new ideas!

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs (Inventor of Apple 1955-2011)
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design When AQUAdesign (previously Aquamass Design) created the Stone One, it was the first ever freestanding solid-surface bathtub in that form. This was a milestone in design for the bathroom, creating a beautiful, minimalist, yet organic object. Since then it has been imitated and copied many times, but never equaled. The Stone One Original is still an icon that is the first bath to create true harmony between contemporary design and comfort.

Our design studio is always creating and includes some of the most renowned designers, such as Mattali Crasset (Hi-Bath), Michel Boucquillon (Dip), Xavier Lust (Navale), and Alain Berteau (Chapelle). Development of baths, accessories, and design options for these models is always in line with our desire for beauty, purity, and originality.

“If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” Prof. F.A. Porsche (Designer of the Porsche 911 1875-1951)
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functionality Functionality is defined as the quality of being suited to serve a purpose. We at AQUAdesign have this functionality in mind whenever we create a new model or a new massage system: all functions are centered towards the essence of bathing and relaxing in the most comfortable way. Our goal is to offer products which are the best for your bathing experience, whatever your expectations. Comfort, massage, relaxation, form, or design – we always offer the most beautiful object customized to your wishes of beauty, form, and function.
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Bath vs Shower?

bath Most people’s daily shower does the same thing as the old fashioned, traditional bath: it gets you clean. It’s not meant for relaxation or wellbeing, but for hygiene and speed.

Today, the daily routine of showering might be more appropriate because of time constraints and running off to work or school, or after a your workout, or a day of working in the garden.

But which is better, a shower or a bath? The reality is that both have benefits and advantages, so we want you to think about having the best of both worlds!

A relaxing moment, soaking in hot water is a real stress reliever. Take a warm bath and listen to music an hour or two before going to bed and you might just sleep better. Your body cooling down leads to better sleep. To unwind, taking a bath a few times a week is without a doubt beneficial!

Dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, adds that baths can lower cortisone levels, which in turn helps delay premature aging and reduces acne.

Space can be an issue, though. Showers are a bit smaller than a tub, but if you still want to have both, why not take a shower in your bath tub?

A bath uses between 140 and 200 liters / 37 and 53 gallons of water, whereas a shower will use between 95 and 180 liters / 25 and 48 gallons every 10 minutes. So, for your daily morning routine, a low-flow shower might help you reduce water consumption, and if you want to feel the warm, relaxing water for longer, take a bath. Think of baths as the occasional treat and stick to quick showers to reduce your water consumption.
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exclusive AQUAdesign is all about manufacturing quality baths rather than making baths for the masses.

The sumptuousness and elegance of AQUAdesign baths are underlined by their form, starting with a majestic retro style, and moving to the modern and even avant-garde, with baths characterized by a refined geometry. They are made for you with different finishes and bold decorations: colors, lacquers, leather, mosaics, and infinite chromatic variations.

A decoration, whether geometric, floral, or stylized, creates a note of uniqueness enhanced by the dialogue between details: rounded or square contours, the shape of the bathtub, the wish of the customer. It’s true exclusivity in your bathroom.
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environment We are committed to producing environmentally friendly products as much as possible.

All material used in baths must follow certain specifications for damp environments, water tightness, and longevity. Cristalplant Biobased meets these needs the best. 50% of its composition is derived from aluminum-hydrate recovered from the process of extracting aluminum. 30% of the resin, which would previously have been from fossil fuels, has been replaced by polyesters of plant origin. It can be recycled and 100% reused at the end of its lifespan.

By reducing the weight of our materials by up to 30%, we have reduced the production of CO2 more than similar products currently on the market. The reduction of weight also affects handling and transport, again reducing CO2 emissions, and making our baths easier to install!


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Technology explained

It is by familiarizing yourself with the terminology and mechanisms of massage that you can configure your system with the best equipment and the options you need. But as, in the end, no one is forced to choose a massage system in a dictionary, do not hesitate to contact us or come to one of our partner’s showrooms, to see, touch and feel all that AQUAdesign is able to create for your well-being.

Air blower (max flow 110 m3 / h) with preheating of the air at +/- 42 ° mounted under the bath or at distance to avoid noise.
Mechanical or electronical device allowing by a contribution of atmospheric air, to modulate the power of the massage by water.
Air distributor
Synthetic part equipped with a non-return valve and used to distribute the air to the air-jets.
Essential for air massage directing the flow of air in the water in a central or peripheral diffusion mode.
Air Massage
Massage based on the principle of air injection into the bath water.
Air purification
A microporous filter prevents the penetration of polluting particles (dust, pollen, spores, etc.) into air massage systems.
Grid fixed to the suction mouth of the bath water, to ensure, even in case of obstruction, a sufficient and constant water supply in the pump core - any risk of cavitation is thus avoided.
Anti-return valve
Safety mechanism essential to prevent any infiltration of water into the pipes of the air massage. AQUAdesign systems incorporate a general check valve at the top of the air distributor as well as individual non-return valves on each air-jet.
Exclusive bath sound system. The pre-equipment simply connects to an external music source via Bluetooth. Stereo system with or without sub-woofer.
ASC (Active Suction Control)
Unique prevention device to stop the massage pump when the water suction is obstructed.
Automatic drying
Started electronically for hygiene purposes, after emptying the tub, this drying prevents the risk of scale deposits, soap, hair or skin particles in air-jets.
Automatic massage program
These different programs offer specific massage selections and allow you to perform relaxing balneotherapy sessions, toning and slimming massage.
BA backflow preventer
On systems equipped with a flush, this backflow preventer prevents the return of wastewater into the drinking water system.
Air booster (max flow 140 m3 / h) and preheating of the air at +/- 42 ° combined in a thermally conductive alloy sheath.
Buzzer signaling the start of the disinfection unit (see also child safety).
European safety standard for domestic electrical appliances and especially bathtubs with water mixing system and other similar installations.
Search for well-being by the perception of light or "lux" doses or colors (white, blue, green, red, yellow).
Child safety
Locking device prevents the untimely commissioning of the disinfection unit.
AQUAdesign was rewarded for its design research by awarding the "Belgian Building Award" to Batibouw or the "Design +" received at the ISH fair in Frankfurt.
Differential 30mA
Very low current circuit breaker (30 milli-amperes) automatically disconnecting the technical units of the massage system in the event of an electrical anomaly - without disturbing the other electric connections of the bathroom (lighting, electrical outlets, heating, etc ...).
Disinfectant rinsing
Designed to ensure perfect hygiene of water massage systems, disinfectant rinsing involves injecting a disinfecting liquid or ozone into the pipes during their automatic rinsing.
Disinfection unit
Technical kit for injecting a disinfecting liquid into water massage systems - for total hygiene.
Dorsal symmetry
In the case of a double-back bathtub, equipped with an air or multi-massage system, it is possible to incorporate back jets on both sides of the bath.
Electrical box
Enclosure with IP 55 protection containing the electrical or electronic components necessary for the operation of the massage systems (in particular the ASC electronic management card).
System for automatic rinsing of the pump and piping with clear water, used in pre and / or after rinsing, according to the selected water massage system.
Hybrid massage
Combined water and air massage.
Essential piece of water massage that converts the power of the pump into flow and pressure, and amplifies the effects by air injection (Venturi principle).
Hydrojet rotational
Ball bearing mounted, this improved hydrojet provides a better massage coverage (2.5 to 3 times higher than that of a traditional hydrojet and slightly softens the power (+/- 10%).
Hydro massage
Massage based on the principle of circulating bath water in closed circuit.
IP55 / IP68
European benchmarks whose compliance provides total protection against the intrusion of solid particles and water infiltration into the electrical unit.
Level sensor
Electronic mark of presence or absence of water in the bath preventing any start of the vacuum pump.
Massage cycle
Electronic variation of the intensity of the massage by water or by air, in increasing and decreasing phases.
Hydrojet of a smaller diameter to increase the water injections in the bath for a flow equal to traditional hydrojets.
No Noise System
Silencers that attenuate the mechanical noise of the air blower for air and multi systems.
Oxygen enriched (O3), ozone stimulates the body and has a high disinfection power.
Pulsating massage
Contrasting alternations of the minimum and maximum powers of the water massage.
Motor element of the water massage. Its safety equipment and power curve are specifically designed for AQUAdesign whirlpool systems - in full compliance with the European standards CEBEC, CE, KEMA, TUV, and LCIE.
Pump "Sound of Silence"
Revolutionary pump by its design and technical design, it reduces the operating noise of the overall system to 25 decibels.
Residual water
Water retention, after emptying the bathtub, into the pipes of water massage systems. Attentive to avoid any potential health risks, AQUAdesign scrupulously respects the European standards in force - with a retention of less than 1 per 1000 in the case of water massage systems and 0 per 1000 in air massage systems.
Safety low-voltage
Allows the safe use of electronic controls and electrical equipment (sensor board, underwater light, etc ...).
Elimination of water that may still be in the pump housing.
Sensor control
Electronic function call control with peripheral blue illumination.
Surface Treatment
All AQUAdesign massage accessories in contact with water have been treated with a nickel-based anti-corrosion treatment.
Thermal protection
A safety thermostat protects the pump motor in case of overheating.
Principle of acceleration of the water, invented by the Italian physicist Venturi, having the effect of increasing the power of the water massage thanks to the addition of air in the water in the heart of the hydrojet.
Water Heater
Device Keeps bath water at a constant temperature for the duration of the water massage.
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