AQUAdesign’s Air Massage: The ultimate relaxation

AQUAdesign’s Air Massage dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, but was perfected in the Belgian town of Spa. It creates the effervescence of millions of tiny bubbles that caress your entire body, cleansing the skin and relaxing the soul. In need of something more invigorating? The special air jets can also produce bigger bubbles for a more intense, yet still relaxing body massage.

Our unique SensÔrial line for an all-round wellness experience

Let’s paint a picture: a massage, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and sound, all in one. You don’t think it’s possible? We’ll do even better. We can make it happen in the comfort of your very own bathroom. Our unique SensÔrial line promises an all-round wellness experience that will sparkle all your senses.

AQUAdesign: Celebrating great bathing for over 40 years

AQUAdesign‘s first goal is not to sell bathrooms. It is to provide you with your maximum bathing pleasure every day. While doing so, we remain true to our values and our philosophy of creating customisable pieces, made to your bathing needs and design tastes. Can you believe we’ve been creating unique bathing moments all over the world for more than 40 years?

Stone One Shower Plate Collection: More than just a shower

AQUAdesign has established itself as more than just a bathroom supplier. We want to give you the best possible shower experience and that includes innovative design and handcrafted materials. The result of this unique combination? May we introduce you to…. The Stone One Shower Plates Collection.

Chromotherapy: The new way of bathing

Chromotherapy is a new way of using colour for healing purposes. It’s a technique based on traditions found in civilizations as diverse as ancient Greece and Egypt, and imperial India and China. Discover the soothing feeling that comes with blue or try refreshing green while taking a bath. Let’s dive right into this up-and-coming wellness treatment.

AQUAdesign all over the world

Since 1978, everything we do at AQUAdesign celebrates great bathing. From the very beginning, all of our designs and innovations have been made with your bathing pleasure in mind. From a user-friendly to a romantic approach, we take pride in delivering the whole package. And why not elevate that romance to a higher level by presenting our projects in the city of love? May we introduce to you… AQUA World all over the world!

Customization: AQUAdesign’s middle name

It is AQUAdesign’s mission to provide you with well-deserved wellness at home, still keeping a unique design in mind. We pride ourselves in not only offering, but most of all delivering the full package. Our wide range and experience guarantee a personalized approach. Because it is not just about the bathroom, it is about your bathing experience.

SensÔrial massage by AQUAdesign: Your wellness at home

Imagine this. You come home from a hard day’s work and the first thing you do, is lose your jacket, take off your shoes and fill up the bathtub. With a drink in hand, you lower yourself into the water and feel the water warming you up. That is pretty standard, right? What if we tell you, you can add a massage to your evening routine as well? It is no longer just a dream with our SensÔrial range.

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