Chromotherapy: The new way of bathing

Chromotherapy: The new way of bathing

Chromotherapy is a new way of using colour for healing purposes. It’s a technique based on traditions found in civilizations as diverse as ancient Greece and Egypt, and imperial India and China. Discover the soothing feeling that comes with blue or try refreshing green while taking a bath. Let’s dive right into this up-and-coming wellness treatment.

Our body vibrations

Chromotherapy is the science of using colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that can result in health and harmony. It seems like a relatively new development but in fact, it has been around for more than 2.000 years. The basic idea of it has been around even longer than that.

The concept of chromotherapy states that different colours trigger different emotions, but it doesn’t stop there. Combining this unique colour therapy with heat has been proven to release serotonin, a.k.a. the happy substance.

Different colours for different emotions

There have been studies around the effects of several colours on our body and mind. After chromotherapy the body tends to be more grounded, loose and relaxed. As for your mind, each colour has its own outcome.

We have energizing white, stimulating red and refreshing green for those days when you require an energy boost. For more relaxing efforts, choose soothing blue or harmonizing yellow.

Chromotherapy at AQUAdesign

At AQUAdesign, we think the value of a company is measured by its passion, vocation, and willingness to see beyond the profits in order to contribute to everyone’s wellbeing. That is why we emerge ourselves in the newest additions for our customers’ wellbeing.
Our SensÔriaL baths offer a wide range of sensory benefits, with chromotherapy as one of the latest additions. Be sure to take a look at our options or visit one of the stores we work with. We look forward to hearing from you!

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