A passion and
a tradition

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Philosophy Wellness has been at the heart of our business since we started, in 1978. We think the value of a company is measured by its passion, vocation, and willingness to see beyond the profits in order to contribute to everyone’s wellbeing.
It must also contribute to the evolution of its industry by following its inherent values, such as tradition, quality, ecology, generosity, and sincerity.
At AQUAdesign, we are proud to serve our customers and the bathroom industry for 40 years.
Wellness is not only an integral part of what we do, it is a passion and a tradition.
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Awaken the Senses

Senses A sensorial experience is one involving the senses. Our unique SensÔriaL line sparks the senses of touch (massage), sight (chromotherapy), smell (aromatherapy), and hearing (AQUAsound).


More than an expression of luxury, SensÔriaL introduces a new philosophy of wellness in the bathroom.

To deal with the stresses of everyday life, we want to escape to the simple and natural world to find our wellbeing. Bath time has become a rare moment in a busy world. With our SensÔriaL collection, the simple pleasures of the bath are multiplied, creating the ultimate relaxation.

Relax, and let your senses be moved by our SensÔriaL collection.
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customizable SensÔriaL is not a standard whirlpool solution, but instead is designed as a customizable, haute-couture collection, curated for your personal needs and wishes. SensÔriaL is made to measure! You specify which points need more massage, or if you want a more relaxing caress. We adapt SensÔriaL to your needs!

SensÔriaL systems respond to your moods to create a calm and relaxing ambience, or transform into a vigorous massage timed in perfect rhythm to music.
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Design Meets Massage

design Our goal is to design solutions for the bath that are aesthetic, safe, powerful, and reliable. SensÔriaL is the symbiosis between our well-known designer baths and our experience with massage technology. Function may dictate form, but it doesn’t have to be just functional. At AQUAdesign, form, function, design, and wellness meet in harmony.
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Massage Overview

overview SensÔriaL massage offers pleasure that is divinely sensual. Curl up in a tub of supreme softness and enjoy the water jets and bubbles that can take you from gentle caress to vigorous massage, using varying intensities, depending on your mood. Sometimes invigorating, sometimes relaxing, always for your wellbeing.

Hydro Massage

hydro Water massage, or hydro massage, uses water pressure to apply massage techniques to the body. Our SensÔrial hydro-massage systems are designed to direct pressure to alleviate muscle tension and even stimulate the metabolism. This pressure is created by our powerful and adjustable hydro-jets, which are directed to the lower back, hips, waist, thighs, knees, and the arch of the foot, depending on your needs. The hydro-jets can also incorporate air into the water stream for a lighter massage effect.

Hydro massage creates awareness of the body and gives a sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. Just lay back and relax, and let the water do the work.

And after your bath, the system rinses easily with clear water.
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Air Massage

air Air massage originated in Ancient Rome and was perfected in the Belgian town of Spa, where mineral springs were used for bathing and even to treat illnesses.

Our SensÔrial systems create the effervescence of millions of tiny bubbles that caress your entire body, cleansing the skin and relaxing the soul. But when you need something more, SensÔrial can also offer bigger bubbles, boiling up from the special air jets and creating an invigorating yet relaxing general body massage.

After your bath, the system can be blown dry.
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Hybrid Massage

hybrid Combine hydro massage with air massage and you get the SensÔrial hybrid massage system! This full massage will give you all benefits of the different jets and their intensities. While your body gets a deep, intense hydro massage, your skin will be toned by the caressing air bubbles.

SensÔrial takes care of your whole body, refreshing your mind while creating a sense of wellbeing.
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chromo Our SensÔriaL line offers chromotherapy, which uses the positive energies of color for healing purposes: energizing white, soothing blue, refreshing green, stimulating red, harmonizing yellow. This universal technique is based on a tradition that is found in civilizations as diverse as ancient Greece and Egypt, and imperial India and China.
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aroma Aromatherapy perfectly complements your pursuit of wellbeing using essential oils extracted from flowers and plants. Their fragrances elevate your mind, body, and spirit.
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sound Music enriches your bath experience with AQUAsound by bringing melodies and sounds in perfect harmony with the chosen colors and fragrances to fully envelop you in wellness.

With the AQUAsound exclusive sound system, the bath becomes the sound source, a fountain of rhythms and a cascade of harmonies. When musical notes and vibration mingle with scents and color, the body and mind rejoice.
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