Stone One Shower Plate Collection: More than just a shower

Stone One Shower Plate Collection: More than just a shower

AQUAdesign has established itself as more than just a bathroom supplier.  We want to give you the best possible shower experience and that includes innovative design and handcrafted materials. The result of this unique combination? May we introduce you to…. The Stone One Shower Plates Collection.

Stone One Shower Plates’ features

We promised you quality and that is exactly what you get with the Stone One Shower Plate collection. Its main component is Compolight, a composite material made from natural mineral charges and resins. Due to its coat of technical glaze (with a matt finish, might we add), it is very well protected from scratches, abrasions and stains.

Because of the high-quality coating, we can guarantee easy cleaning with most common detergent products and a complete restoration of its surface.

Two different finishes

Now that we’ve discussed the practical side of things, let’s paint a picture of your new shower experience, shall we?

Aside from the benefits, the look and feel are equally important to us. We want you to not only use your bathroom for a quick shower in the morning, but to (literally) bathe in luxury.

Our two finishes do just that. If the natural stone finishing sparks your interest, you will flourish with comfort and relaxation. The anti-slip texture does not only provide you with a safe showering environment, but a pleasant tactile sensation as well.

If ‘elegant’ is your middle name, you might want to take a look at our silk finishing. Comfortable, versatile and customisable are a few of its keywords. And that brings us to our last (but definitely not least) feature.

Customized sizing

We don’t just sell you shower plates; we provide you with a frequent but ever-surprising experience while showering. While we do have standard measurements and colours, our goal is to make your experience as unique as possible. For renovation or construction projects that go out of the ordinary, we will too.

Are you ready to start your unique shower journey? Please, reach out to us via are eager to hear from you.

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We are proud of this origin and proud to be one of the most prestigious brands in our kingdom.

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