AQUAdesign: Celebrating great bathing for over 40 years

AQUAdesign: Celebrating great bathing for over 40 years

AQUAdesign‘s first goal is not to sell bathrooms. It is to provide you with your maximum bathing pleasure every day. While doing so, we remain true to our values and our philosophy of creating customisable pieces, made to your bathing needs and design tastes. Can you believe we’ve been creating unique bathing moments all over the world for more than 40 years?

Innovation and design

During those 40 years, we’ve accumulated a sixth sense for innovation and design, which translates in a sense of complete wellbeing for our customers. At AQUAdesign, we are always looking for ways to improve your bath time.

When we created the Stone One, it was the first ever freestanding solid-surface bathtub in that form. We may call ourselves pioneers creating a beautiful, minimalist, yet organic object. Since then, it has been imitated and copied many times, but our original icon has never been matched.

Functionality and Exclusiveness

We view design as one of the most important features of our products, but functionality always comes first. This is a definite must when promising a smooth and unique bathing experience.

We do all the work, so you can enjoy your moments of relaxation and luxury in the comfort of your own home.


Because of our customisable services, we are perfectly able to commit to producing environmentally friendly products as much as possible.

For example; by reducing the weight of our materials by up to 30%, we have also reduced the production of CO2 more than similar products currently on the market. The reduction of weight also affects handling and transport, again reducing CO2 emissions, and making our baths easier to install.

As you can see, we care about our customers ánd our planet.

If you are interested in our journey as portrayed by the press throughout the years, you can find a selection of articles about AQUAdesign from the media here.

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AQUAdesign is a Brussels-based company, with Belgian shareholders.

We are proud of this origin and proud to be one of the most prestigious brands in our kingdom.

Our philosophy is to give you another view on the bathroom. The bath is no longer solely intended for hygiene; it has become an object, a decoration element, a sculpture in its own right. The bathroom, bedroom, and dressing room are evolving into a single living space, a place of wellbeing that needs to be welcoming and functional but also comforting and sensual.

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