Our unique SensÔrial line for an all-round wellness experience

Our unique SensÔrial line for an all-round wellness experience

Let’s paint a picture: a massage, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and sound, all in one. You don’t think it’s possible? We’ll do even better. We can make it happen in the comfort of your very own bathroom. Our unique SensÔrial line promises an all-round wellness experience that will sparkle all your senses.


To deal with the stress of everyday life, you undoubtedly want to escape to find your wellbeing at home. Bath time has become a rare moment in our busy world. With our SensÔriaL collection, the simple pleasures of your me-time are multiplied, creating the ultimate relaxation.  

Relax, and let your senses be moved by our SensÔriaL collection, starting with a hydro massage, an air massage or a mix of both.


Chromotherapy is a new way of using colour for healing purposes. It’s a technique based on traditions found in civilisations as diverse as ancient Greece and Egypt, and imperial India and China.

Discover the soothing feeling that comes with blue or try refreshing green while taking a bath. You can dive right into this up-and-coming wellness treatment with our unique SensÔriaL collection.


We can’t forget about our sense of smell.

Aromatherapy perfectly complements your pursuit of wellbeing using essential oils extracted from flowers and plants. Their fragrances elevate your mind, body, and spirit and complete your wellness experience at home.


Last but not least, we all know music enriches your bath experience. AQUAsound brings melodies and sounds in perfect harmony with the chosen colours and fragrances to fully envelop you in wellness.

With the AQUAsound exclusive sound system, the bath becomes the sound source, a fountain of rhythms and a cascade of harmonies. When musical notes and vibration mingle with scents and colour, your relaxation will climax.

Do you want to know more about our SensÔriaL collection or would you like to see it in action? Be sure to take a look at our options or visit one of our stores. We look forward to hearing from you!

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AQUAdesign is a Brussels-based company, with Belgian shareholders.

We are proud of this origin and proud to be one of the most prestigious brands in our kingdom.

Our philosophy is to give you another view on the bathroom. The bath is no longer solely intended for hygiene; it has become an object, a decoration element, a sculpture in its own right. The bathroom, bedroom, and dressing room are evolving into a single living space, a place of wellbeing that needs to be welcoming and functional but also comforting and sensual.

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