SensÔrial massage by AQUAdesign: Your wellness at home

SensÔrial massage by AQUAdesign: Your wellness at home

Imagine this. You come home from a hard day’s work and the first thing you do, is lose your jacket, take off your shoes and fill up the bathtub. With a drink in hand, you lower yourself into the water and feel the water warming you up. That is pretty standard, right? What if we tell you, you can add a massage to your evening routine as well? It is no longer just a dream with our SensÔrial range.

Design and massage: the perfect match

We are known for our reliable designer bathtubs, but are happy to add some massage technology to the equation. With a variety of water jets and bubbles, we can take you from a gentle caress to a thorough massage.

The intensity of your treatment is fully up to you. Whether you need an invigorating massage or a relaxing moment to yourself, your me-time is fully customizable. 

Hydro, Air or Hybrid Massage

There are three types of massage techniques to elevate your wellbeing.

Hydro Massage uses water pressure to alleviate muscle tension and even stimulate the metabolism. This pressure is created by our powerful and fully adjustable hydro-jets, which are directed to the lower back, hips, waist, thighs, knees, and the arch of the foot, depending on your needs. But that is not all! The hydro-jets can also incorporate air into the water stream for a lighter massage effect. 

That brings us to Air Massage. This technique dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, but was perfected in the Belgian town of Spa. It creates the effervescence of millions of tiny bubbles that caress your entire body, cleansing the skin and relaxing the soul. 

In need of something more invigorating? The special air jets can also produce bigger bubbles for a more intense, yet still relaxing body massage. 

Last but not least, we have Hybrid Massage, which is the best of both worlds. This full massage will give you all the benefits of the different jets and their intensities. While your body gets a deep, intense hydro massage, your skin will be toned by the caressing air bubbles. 

Are you ready for your new go-to evening ritual? Contact us for an appointment in one of our stores.

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AQUAdesign is a Brussels-based company, with Belgian shareholders.

We are proud of this origin and proud to be one of the most prestigious brands in our kingdom.

Our philosophy is to give you another view on the bathroom. The bath is no longer solely intended for hygiene; it has become an object, a decoration element, a sculpture in its own right. The bathroom, bedroom, and dressing room are evolving into a single living space, a place of wellbeing that needs to be welcoming and functional but also comforting and sensual.

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