Finish: Colourtouch



Not only white.  Cristalplant® is a white solid surface material. The outer surface of Cristalplant® products (the one not in direct contact with water) can however be painted with a soft-touch paint available in more than 700 different shades.
Technically, this is a multi-stage process: first, a primer coat is applied (compatible with both the Cristalplant® surface and the paint), then it is dyed and finished with a transparent coat for the “soft” effect.

The tactile feeling of the surface is soft, similar to the one you can perceive when gently rubbing your fingertips. Any kind of colour can be applied, as the primer coat makes the procedure equivalent to any other type of industrial process.

Colour Touch anthracite on Aquamar (Custom)

Colourtouch anthracite

Colour Touch grey on Aquamar (Custom)

Colourtouch grey

Colour Touch orange on Aquamar (Custom)

Colourtouch orange

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